Molly came in at the most distressing time you could imagine. My boss had passed away unexpectedly and everything imaginable changed overnight. Molly made herself completely available and planned a very important and personal event for the family. The results were stunning. Her unique touches and attention to detail created a functional and beautiful space. Her genuine heartfelt presence was there and a guiding force in productivity. Nothing was overseen. We have a new standard of how things should be because of her. I would entrust Molly to anything at how impressive and wide her skill set is. We look forward to working with her consistently!

Rachel Staman, Executive Assistant to Patton Oswalt and the late Michelle McNamara



Megan Rizer was instrumental in setting up both analog and digital archives of my photography work, a body of work spanning 30 years. Her approach and diligence toward this major undertaking was steady and focused – most would not have had the patience for such a large body of work. 

Megan was also responsible for the organization and record keeping of my business and personal records. She has proven herself to be extremely trustworthy and detail oriented. She has had intimate knowledge of my personal, professional and private information and has handled that information with utter respect and discretion. 

Megan is a pleasure to be around and brings with her a unique energy and purpose. She has added tremendous value to my business with the systems she has implemented. Megan has incredible talent, and her organizational skills are unmatched.”

Terry Richardson,  Fashion Photographer


My  photography studio & office were in severe disarray and my old system of filing my negatives and photo archives was chaos. After having my two daughters, I had no time to organize or stand back and see the big picture of what was working and the many things that were not. Molly came in and immediately put me at ease. She created  a simple, streamlined solution that  reduced my use of office space by about 50%.  Molly helped me set a list of career goals, broken down into simple daily steps that allowed me to feel like I could mange and tackle what has seemed insurmountable only a day before.

I cannot thank her enough - I feel completely rejuvenated and now feel as if I have the energy to pursue what is truly important: my love of photography. 

Darcy Hemley, Commercial Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer


Megan worked with me over a number of sessions to organize my entire apartment - from the closet to the kitchen to the bathroom. The first task, going through my unnecessarily overflowing closet was unexpectedly life-changing! With Megan’s expert guidance, I was able to eliminate many things that I no longer needed and felt great about donating those items to people who would put them to better use. Freeing up that physical space allowed me to free up mental space. 

Megan goes above and beyond the typical Organizer role by thinking of creative ways to make a house become a home. She helped me pick out plants (I previously had zero skill keeping plants alive, but since working with Megan, not a single one has died!), greatly improve the lighting and reconsider the floor plan. 

I thought I loved my apartment before, but I now look forward to coming home to it each and every day. I am proud to have friends and family over to entertain in a place that reflects my personal style. Not only is Megan great at her job, she is a joy to be around. I recommend her to friends regularly and look forward to hiring her again when I move to a new place!

Chelsea Deklotz, Artist Management


Molly from Personal People LA changed my life. I'm a total pack rat and Molly helped me let go of things that weren't in use or bringing me joy. Going through your things is a very personal process and Molly handled it with poise and made me feel comfortable throughout the process. She absolutely transformed my space into a palace and taught me how to maintain it. Despite my fears of slipping back into mess I've maintained my space for months. I sleep better at night knowing I won't wake up to a disorganized space. Thank you Molly!

Rebecca Samuels, Psychologist


Megan has changed my life! I am a fashion stylist in New York City and have a large studio that was in desperate need of organization. Four years ago I hired Megan to organize my entire studio. I was amazed at the results. 

After I explained my business, how I work, what my needs were and showed her my space, Megan immediately began working her magic. 

She quickly identified what was not working and created new and efficient organizational systems for me. She not only created these systems, she also taught me how to use them so that I could stay organized and on track in the future. Megan’s expertise in organizing my office still benefits me today.

I was so impressed with her work that I hired her to organize my closets at home, which was life-changing for me. Being a New Yorker, closet space is tight . . . and I have a lot of clothes! I can’t afford to waste time getting ready for a job or an event. Megan’s home organization saves me time every day.

The benefits of hiring Megan for both my business and at home have been extraordinary, and her work is still benefiting me four years later. She is reliable, incredibly trustworthy and has a great personality. I cannot recommend her enough!”

Leslie Billings, Fashion Stylist


I simply can’t say enough about my experiences with Molly Garber. Initially I hired her to help me organize a copious materials library for my interior design business. She completely tackled that task with aplomb and speed, but what struck me the most was her keen eye, and her sense of what was needed, and what needed to go.

I was so impressed with Molly that I hired her to take on another project, more personal in nature, helping me catalog and ultimately, surrender parts of a vast collection of my late mothers wardrobe and personal effects. I do not think I would have been able to even approach this herculean task without Molly. She attended to every decision with such care, and heart, but also with a pragmatic bent.

I am quite sure I could not have tackled that without her. Molly is not only efficient and intuitive, she is also smart, funny and kind.

Truly a winning combination.

Amy Sklar, Interior Designer  


Hiring Megan has changed my life. I have been a client of Megan’s for 6 years and will continue to use her services. Megan completely transformed my home; it is unbelievable. She organized every aspect and area of my home and has implemented organization systems that are now my mainstay. Her detail-oriented approach is remarkable.

I am allergic to decluttering and Megan makes the process easy. She has a confident yet calm tone, which I appreciate when doing something that feels like an impossible task. Megan is incredibly trustworthy and confidential in her work, which is highly important to me.

I have never seen someone with her level of talent and skill and highly recommend hiring her… she will create a positive impact in your life!

S. Goldfarb, Studio Manager


Megan has been an amazing asset to my personal life and styling business for more than seven years (since 2008). I trust her infinitely. She is one of the most detail-orientated and hardest-working people I’ve ever had the privilege to work with. She is a joy to be around—kind, considerate and open minded, yet diligent in getting a job done. 

Megan has an innate sense of when to push and when to step back—an amazing talent when working with different personalities and creating new organization systems to suit. Even the smallest of projects she has tackled for me have made immense changes in my life for the better, making my daily tasks much simpler and efficient.

Megan’s work is a gift that keeps giving. I am more efficient, less stressed and thankful for what’s she’s done for me. I have recommended her to many friends and have start hiring her as a gift to my clients and they all echo my sentiments.”

Nicole Schneider, Stylist