photo by  darcy hemley photography

Molly Garber - Founder/Organizer

Molly Garber is a Los Angeles native born in Santa Monica, CA. She was raised by her mother, a ceramicist, and her father, a business owner. She has lived and learned from many different environments and understands the importance of a space and/or tasks being filled with only positive intentions. She graduated from the California Institute of the Arts in May of 2016 where she received her BFA in Photography&Media and her minor in Cultural Studies. Molly has honed in on her neurotic tendencies and shaped them to help others in a creative and forward-thinking way. Molly specializes in bereavement support and creative spaces. She has a keen interest in helping others better their lives in a supportive and caring way.  She believes that once you are a client, you are family.

Megan Rizer - Organizer

Megan has created organized and stylish spaces for clients in New York, Los Angles and abroad. She is incredibly in tune with her surroundings and recognizes the immense benefits of an organized and attractive space. Megan comes from a design background and worked as a fashion stylist in New York City. Her years of styling experience further sharpened her skills in organization and design in a high-profile, fast-paced environment. She believes that life is easier and more enjoyable when you have an organized and attractive space. Individuals with demanding schedules often don’t have time to accomplish these tasks, and Megan gets the job done. Megan specializes in professional organizing and interior styling. Whether you need a full home/office/studio organization or your life needs some inspired styling, Megan is excited to work with you and create a space that you love!


Lisandra Vazquez - Organizer

Lisandra is a Puerto Rican born photographer and brand strategist who moved to Los Angeles in 2008 to pursue a creative career. She studied Photography & Media at the California Institute of the Arts and had worked on numerous projects both in front and behind the camera. Through out her work as a photographer, production manager, assistant and brand strategist she has discovered the key to thriving is organization. Managing digital assets is not only crucial for businesses, but it can also be liberating for your personal computer as well. She has taken clients entire image libraries and organized them, so they are not only safe but accessible.